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mercurial tasks extension March 9, 2009 20 Comments

Mercurial bookmarks offer a way to work on separate short-lived tasks in the same repo without having to create a separate clone. For me bookmarks lack two features: tracking all changesets belonging to a particular task, and being able to push completed tasks easily while ensuring that incomplete tasks are not pushed. I decided to […]

mercurial bookmarks February 27, 2009 4 Comments

When reading the many git-vs-mercurial blog posts I noticed lots of comments about how mercurial lacked the lightweight branching of git.  Then came a lot of rebuttals saying “well hg has bookmarks, so that’s not true anymore”.  But when I tried them, I was surprised by their behaviour.  If you had two bookmarks pointing to […]

config extension for mercurial February 23, 2009 No Comments

I’ve written a small extension for mercurial called ‘config’.  It allows you to view and set configuration values for hg from the command-line. Some example commands and output: prompt> hg showconfigs ! /usr/etc/mercurial/hgrc * /etc/mercurial/hgrc * /etc/mercurial/hgrc.d/hgext.rc (ro) * /etc/mercurial/hgrc.d/mergetools.rc (ro) * /home/jdoe/.hgrc * /home/jdoe/projects/hgconfig/.hg/hgrc prompt> hg config –verbose ui.username values found for ui.username: jdoe@host […]